Streamlined Sedation

Streamlined Sedation

Efficient Implementation of Sedation in Your Dental Practice

Sedation dentistry provides the general practitioner with the ability to provide more complex procedures for fearful patients with advanced needs. The presentation Streamlined Sedation provides an introduction to sedation in general practice. Dr. Moorhead shows how sedation can be incorporated using dental systems that virtually eliminate errors and brings control to the most challenging treatment plans.

Course Outline


  •  How to organize your emergency supplies for the fastest response
  •  How to best train your team to be ready should an emergency occur
  •  How to stop the biggest time wasters in dental appointments


  •  Sedation health histories and consent forms that are intuitive and goof proof, using customizable online system sheets
  •  The sedation appointment – 6 steps to assure consistency, with a relaxed experience for the team
  •  A digital sedation record that’s thorough and easy to use
  • Operatory equipment that makes it easy to do long, well-planned appointments

Scheduling and Productivity

  • How to treatment plan and organize complex treatment to minimize appointments with less stress
  • Tools for developing time codes for complex appointments, without having to ask the doctor


  • Using Value Stream Mapping to simplify your complex room setups
  • How you can program your dental practice management system so that your team members can complete almost all of your clinical notes
  • A new online form that helps you schedule 98% of high fear patients calling your dental office