Streamlined Leadership

Streamlined Leadership

Motivate Your Team AND Implement Proven Systems with Ease

iStock_000016658196_ExtraSmallWe’re not taught how to be leaders in dental school, and many claim that leaders are born, not made. But when you own a dental practice or are in charge of making one profitable, you’re a leader. Let the tips and techniques that Dr. Moorhead has honed in 30 years of practice motivate and inspire you to lead your team to new heights.

Course Objectives:

  • The secret to motivating others
  • How to unite your team
  • How to set goals you can actually achieve
  • Communicating like a leader
  • How to deal with system failures
  • How to develop your vision
  • How to inspire your team to take action on your vision
  • Turning conflict into cooperation
  • Learn time management and discipline techniques to take your practice to the next level.

Your ability to negotiate, communicate, influence, and persuade others to do things is absolutely indispensable to everything you accomplish in life. The most effective men and women in every area are those who can competently organize the cooperation and assistance of other people toward the accomplishment of important goals and objectives.

Fortunately, leaders are made, not born. You learn to become a leader by doing what other excellent leaders have done before you. You’ve already become proficient in your job or skill as a dentist or office manager; this course teaches you how to become proficient at understanding the motivations and behaviors of other people. As a leader, you will combine your personal competencies with the competencies of a variety of others into a smoothly functioning team that can WOW patients and make practice production soar.

When you become a team leader, even if your team only consists of one other person, you must immediately develop a whole new set of leadership skills.  This course will get you there.