The Streamlined Practice Professional Speaking Series

Dr. Moorhead’s interactive and leading edge seminars will make your next meeting a perfect success.

Let us create a dynamic presentation customized to your group’s needs . . . or choose from one of Dr. Moorhead’s innovative seminars, including:

Streamlined Success

Accelerate Your Clinical Success:  How to Streamline Your Systems, Get Your Team Up to Speed, and Grow Your Practice

It’s true; you really can both accelerate your workflow and at the same time eliminate stress, and this seminar will teach you how. To become an ultimate achiever, you must habitually focus on the one crucial action that will lead you to your goal.

The Streamlined Technology

Big Bang Dentistry – Embrace Your Inner Nerd

You hear a lot about “going paperless,” these days, and let’s face it, “going green” is our future.  But how do you completely make the transition from years of doing it the old way to paperless without losing your mind in the process? And how can you use your digital tools to run your practice more efficiently?  I’ll show you how I’ve done it and teach you how, step-by-step.  This course will help you attract patients and increase your office efficiency by using the latest in digital technology.


Streamlined Sedation

Efficient Implementation of Sedation in Your Dental Practice

Sedation dentistry provides the general practitioner with the ability to provide more complex procedures for fearful patients with advanced needs. Learn how to incorporate sedation with proven dental systems that virtually eliminate errors and learn how to schedule and sequence complex treatment plans with ease. Your patients will LOVE you!

Streamlined Emergencies

Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

How well prepared for you and your team for medical emergencies? This course prepares the entire team for the inevitable. Topics include syncope, hypotension, aspiration, allergic reactions, hypertension, diabetic reactions, seizures, and cardiac emergencies. Emphasis is placed on advanced preparation to allow the best possible outcome.