Flemingsburg Dental Care Announces Special Offers for Families Suffering from Unemployment

Parade Magazine had an interesting article recently:  “Don’t Let the Economy Endanger Your Health.”   The article said that 57% of people say that the economy has affected their ability to take care of their health.  As part of the article, Parade quoted Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, saying that U.S. health care needs to shift its focus away from treating illnesses and problems and move toward prevention instead.  “We cannot achieve our ultimate goal—a healthier nation—unless we shift away from a sick-care system,” she said at a Senate hearing earlier this spring. “We pay for emergencies, not the care that prevents them, with little emphasis on the responsibility each of us has in keeping ourselves and our families well.”  In tough economic times, we sometimes place our health and dental needs on the back burner.  And sometimes this causes expensive problems later.

At Flemingsburg Dental Care, we recognize that these choices are not easy.  That’s why we’re offering to do something special.  For the remainder of 2009, if you or someone in your family is unemployed, we will provide our examinations and x-rays for your family at no charge.  We’re making this offer available to our existing patients and for new patients as well.

We hope this can help make dentistry affordable.  For a typical preventive (“cleaning”) appointment, this offer will cut costs to less than half.  We’ll also work with you to prioritize problems and look for interim solutions that can help to reduce problems and avoid expensive repairs later.

For patients with urgent problems and no financial resources, we’re also announcing that we will offer a special summer edition of our Dentistry With A Heart.  On Friday, July 31st, our office will be open to provide free dental treatment specifically for families suffering from unemployment.  We first did an “Unemployment Day” in July, 1982, when the unemployment rate was so high, and have continued doing so every Christmas for the past twenty-six years.

Watch this website for more information about our Free Treatment Day on July 31st.   And if you or a family member is unemployed and wish to take advantage of our special offer, call us at 606-845-2273 (or toll-free 888-917-2273) to set up your appointment.

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